Q: How much are the deposits?
A: The deposit for a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom is $500. The deposit for a 2bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms is $650. The deposit for a 2bedroom and 2 bathrooms is $600. The deposit for a 3bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms is $700. The deposit for a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom is $800.

Q: Are pets allowed at Aspen Hills Apartments?
A: Yes, we accept small pets 35lbs and under. We allow only two pets per unit, unless you live in a one bedroom unit. Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Newfoundlands, Doberman Pinschers, or Rottweilers are not allowed. (Aid animals excluded)

Q: What are the rental terms?
A: A one year or six month lease is required.

Q: What amenities do the complex offer?
A: Swimming pools, pet areas, and constructed playgrounds this summer.

Q: Are utilities included in the monthly rent?
A: Water, sewer, and garbage are included in rent. Power, however, is not.

Q: Where are Aspen Hills Apartments located?
A: 803 S. Olympia St and 1330 W. 10th Ave, Kennewick, WA

Q: Is there an application fee?
A: Yes, the application fee is $35 for a single person, and $38 for a married couple.